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FK - 30 automatic card machine

The product name:
FK-30Automatic card machine
Machining scope:

FK - 30 distributor can simply fold the sheets, folded shape and the shape of products (sheet products such as phone CARDS, game CARDS, postcards, greeting CARDS, quotation, packaging bags, unformed cartons, labels, envelopes, etc.;

Folding shape products such as: manual, posters and all kinds of different size of the folding shape products;

The shape of products such as: manual, card book, notebook, cartoon books, magazines and all kinds of different sizes of this product) separated from the bin one by one and send it to the next working procedure.

Functions and USES are introduced:

.Use the pulse distributor of friction type, wide application scope.
.Servo motor drive, to ensure that the feed speed and accuracy.
.Feeding wheel equipped with power points, and can handle more thin card.
.Can be set straight out of the card number.
.Detect magic eye optional heavy card, in case of heavy card when the system alarm and provide signal output processing.
.Optional visual inspection systems, automatic detection of product code and digital coding.

.With long hair company developed automatic feeding control software, can achieve the function of the card automatically match model, meet the requirements of various printing flexible use.
.The machine adopt stainless steel, the material of anodic aluminum oxide, and USES the well-known brand electrical components, the machine durable, lasting stability.

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