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Toy jumping beans packaging processing

Jumping beans for us might be a little strange, jumping beans, after all, not very common in our life, jumping beans shape looks like capsule, we could know if capsule, but jumping bean size is larger than the capsule, which contains a marble, when jumping beans fell to the ground by air, it will jump up, so we call it jumping beans, so this is jumping beans. Due to the individual particularity jumping beans, packaging needs certain difficult to machining,If use hand to packaging, the efficiency is very low, often leading to can't normal delivery, leading to a loss, if using machine hair jumping beans, jumping bean is likely to be multiple, even hair not to come out, because jumping beans, appearance is special in packaging process error prone. So we suggest that, if you encounter this situation, semi-automatic packaging machine can be used, namely people put the jumping beans on the conveyor belt, then by the conveyer belt automatically transmit the jumping into the boxes,As a result, greatly saving working time and improve the efficiency of packaging and processing. And greatly reduces the misplaced, leakage with the situation, to ensure that the packing effect and quality of processed products.