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Cf - 80 - b particles automatic packaging machine


Cf - 80 - b particles automatic packaging machine
Scope of application:
Suitable for packing fragile materials, such as: shrimp chips, potato chips, banana chips, apple slices, crispy rice, biscuit, rice, melon seeds, seeds, peanut, sweets, hardware fasteners, etc.
Technical specifications:

 Production capacity; 30 to 60 bag/min

Measurement range; 1-50 (optional) 50-100 ml

The bag size; 30-180 - mm (L) (W) 25-110 - mm

Total power; 1.2 KW

The net weight. 170 kg

The power supply voltage; 50 hz, 380 v, 220 v, 50-60 hz

Packaging materials; Paper/PE, pet/al/PE, nylon/PE, tea filter paper, etc.

Installation dimensions; 730 (L) x750 x1700 (W) (H) mm